When a seller accepts your home offer, the mortgage process begins as soon as possible. Bill Payne | First Home Mortgage will gather all the necessary information to start your loan application while providing the initial disclosures based on your loan terms.

Bill is always available to answer your questions so you know exactly what's happening with your loan application and what to expect at closing. The mortgage process includes:

Ordering an appraisal to estimate the value of the home

Ordering your updated credit report

Submitting your loan to underwriting for review

Conditionally approving your loan

Providing information on the homeowner's insurance and selected title companies

Receiving underwriting approval on all acceptable documents

Providing final loan approval so you know you're cleared to close

We'll complete everything accurately while paying attention to detail. Contact Bill Payne | First Home Mortgage today to begin the mortgage loan process in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

We'll get everything together for your closing date

In the days leading up to settlement, you'll receive final documentation about your loan, including the closing disclosure, for your review. You must sign and return the paperwork a minimum of three days prior to your scheduled closing date. Your statement provides information about the amount of money you need to close on your home.

On the closing day, you'll meet with the settlement agent, as well as your loan officer. You'll provide funds to cover the down payment, closing costs, taxes and insurance. You and the seller will sign all the proper documents so the purchase of your home is documented. Your documents will include instructions about how to make your first payment.

Call 843-532-1392 today to speak with a mortgage lender servicing the residents of the Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Daniel Island, Sullivan Island and Isle of Palms, South Carolina area.