Before you start looking for a home to buy, it's a good idea to get information about how much you can afford. Bill Payne | First Home Mortgage will walk you through the pre-qualification process in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

As your loan officer, Bill will review your financial information to determine how much you're qualified to borrow. You'll get an estimate of the payments you'll have to make so you can make a judgment about affordability.

Contact Bill Payne with First Home Mortgage today to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan in Mount Pleasant, SC.

We'll walk you through the pre-qualification process

As a pre-qualified buyer, any offer you make on a home carries extra weight. The process is simple. You'll need to provide:

A copy of your photo ID

Your social security number

Copies of checking and savings account statements for the last three months

Most recent pay stubs from your last 30 days of employment

Federal tax returns with W-2s, K-1s and 1099 forms for the last two years

Evidence of any other assets, including stocks or bonds

The contact name and address for someone who can verify your employment

Since everyone's situation is different, Bill might request additional documentation. Call 843-532-1392 today to begin the pre-qualification process for home loans in Mount Pleasant, SC.